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By on February 1, 2012

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I’m hoping that you’ve by now read and digested our Playstation Vita review. But we know that there’s still so much more you’d like to know about the Vita. So we’ve compiled a FAQ based on questions that you’ve posted in comments, on Facebook, and on Twitter. If there’s still something you want to ask, just leave your comments below and we’ll update this article with an answer.

When will it release in the UAE? (Aboody Isaac)
The UAE release date for the PS Vita is February 22nd, with the Wi-fi and 3G editions being available. For full pricing information, click here, and for launch details outside of the UAE click here.

Where can I pre-order a PS Vita ? (Mohamed Shahin)
If you are in Dubai, pre-orders are currently being taken for PS Vita at Jumbo Electronics and at Geekay Games. Their pre-order campaign should also be available in branches in other parts of the UAE, but it’s worth just calling them first to check.

Is a PS Vita game bound to a PS Vita? Can I re-sell a PS Vita game? (Salue Salute)
To the best of our knowledge, games are not bound to the Vita, only the memory cards are. So you will be able to sell your game cards or borrow a game card to play from a friend. The only thing to pay attention to is that if you want to earn Trophies from the game, you will have to delete any game data that is saved on the game card itself – you will be prompted if you want to do this if the Vita detects save data on your game card that does not belong to your profile.

This handheld is non-UMD right? So it’s going be more like download games only? But I would like to know more about the game card. Are they having cards instead of UMD’s? (Kammie Dante)
The PS Vita will allow you to download games from the Playstation Store, and will also allow you to play games from the PS Vita game cards. The cards effectively replace the UMD discs that were used in the PSP.

Can Vita be integrated in games for PS3? I mean to be used as a controller for PS3? (various)
There are a few things you can do with a Vita and PS3. On games like Wipeout, you can use the Crossplay feature to play games against each other on the PS Vita and PS3. You can also connect the PS Vita to the PS3 system to copy or backup applications and multimedia such as photos, music, and videos. You cannot use the Vita as an additional controller or integrated it into any PS3 games. You can however use the Remote Play feature on the PS Vita to remotely connect to and control your PS3, as you could do on the PSP.

Can you play videos on PS Vita? (various)
During our test we were able to copy videos to the PS Vita, but they had to be of mp4 / .H364 format. Playback also only supports up to 720p, so any video content in high definition that you’ve downloaded on your PS3 from the Playstation Store won’t work on the Vita.

About the “3G”, will providers like Zain, VIVA or STC, Etisalat etc provide us with 3G for our PS VITA? Or are we going to stay with Wifi only? (Reaper Ex)
Playstation have partnered with Vodafone to provide 3G content for the PS Vita, however we aren’t sure if this extends to Middle East countries where Vodafone operates. In the UAE there have been no announced partnerships with local ISPs du and Etisalat, however you will be able to use a regular SIM card with an active data package in the Vita. The Vita is also not SIM-locked, so any SIM card can be used.

How are the graphics? Can it beat tablets? (@Saadie)
The graphics on the Vita are certainly very impressive for such a device. It handles graphics very well and most games look very smooth and glitch-free. While the screen size might not be as large as most tablets, its OLED screen offers a more than adequate gaming experience, and even web browsing is quite comfortable.

Is there a Metal Gear game on the PS Vita? (Al Kim)
Metal Gear Solid HD collection will be coming to the PS Vita, but no release date has been announced yet.

How good is it compared to the PS3? (Akash Ladkani)
It’s hard to do a direct comparison between the two as they are different pieces of hardware. The PS Vita is capable of near-PS3 graphics in games like Uncharted, and many others.

I heard that it can be use as a smart phone? How true is that? (Frank San)
Completely false. The SIM card you insert is for data services only, and there’s nothing on the Vita that will allow you to make or receive phone calls or send messages etc. Skype will be made available through the Playstation Store (its availability in the Middle East is unknown), however apart from Skype there is no other way to turn your PS Vita into a smart phone.

If you get the device from japan do we need a transformer to charge it? (Sulaiman Al-jaber)
Yes, as the voltage in Japan is 100 volts, so you would need to buy a power adapter that would be able to convert this into a compatible charge. One thing worth noting is that for Vitas sold in Japan, the X and O buttons are reversed, as X in Japanese games is to cancel an option, and O is to accept.

How does the PSN accounts work with the memory cards? (Omar Nassralla Ali)
You can only have one Playstation account associated to one memory card. So if you want to have multiple players sharing one PS Vita, they all need to have their own memor card.

Main questions, is it any good? And worth buying ? How are the graphics Speed ? Touch? (Charitha Rukshan)
Questions best answered by our in-depth Vita review!

Does it play PS3 titles too? 
Er, no.


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  • Asilverm

    Can you back up downloaded games and saved data on a ps3?  Like if I only have 8 gb memory card and run out of space can I save a downloaded game on my ps3 and then have he free space to download a new game and switch them out again later if I want to?

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