Top 10 reasons to visit GAMES 09

By on September 30, 2009

We explain why GAMES 09 is going to be the hottest regional gaming event of the year.

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1. Win a 370Z.
We love gamers, if we didn’t we wouldn’t have a website dedicated to them. It seems Codemasters and Pluto Games love them too. They’re offering a brand new Nissan 370Z as the grand prize for the Dirt 2 competition. The competition kicks off at GAMES 09.

2. Win 1200 games.
Pluto Games are giving away a free game to a lucky visitor every minute. Get your camping bags ready and prepare to queue up for free swag.

3. Fifa 10 and PES 2010.
Could a footy fan ask for more? Probably could, but this is sweet none the less. Both games will be showcased at the event. Don’t miss out.

4. PSP Go!
Be the first to check it out at GAMES 09.

5. DJ Hero.
Anything that’s endorsed by Daft Punk gets a thumbs up from us. We tried the game and it’s absolutely brilliant. Don’t believe us? Get behind the decks and try it for yourself.

6. Assasin’s Creed 2.
The original was good, the sequel looks a lot better.

7. Uncharted 2.
We’ve been begging for a review copy but haven’t received one yet. We’ve been told that it’s Game of the Year material. There’s a playable copy of the game at GAMES 09 but you may have to pry the controllers off our cold dead fingers first.

8. Loads More playable games.
Forza 3, Brutal Legends, Need for Speed Shift, Little Big Planet on PSP, Crackdown, Guitar Hero 5, Dirt 2, WET and loads more.

9. Modern Warfare 2 and Project Natal.
Alas, we’ve been told that they will not be playable but expect lots of videos.

10. It’s Free to attend.
Yup, if like us, you don’t have the social skills to attract a girlfriend or if you just like getting things for free, this is a little slice of heaven you can’t afford to miss out on.

GAMES 09 will be held at Dubai Festival City (below Toys R Us) from 1st to 3rd October. If you haven’t registered yet, please visit to get your free invite.


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  • Rama

    What time will this event be?

  • M.G

    ^ same Question lol =D
    the time is important =x

  • Moe Corleones

    It’s at 4, Today. 5 Tomorrow, and 11AM on Saturday

  • Arash

    what do u mean by Assasin’s Creed 2 ??!?!

    is it going to be available for purchasing ?

    • admin

      Not available for purchase yet but free to play.

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