Kingdom of Amalur requires Online Pass to unlock specific quests

By on January 30, 2012

Code affects Mass Effect 3’s tie-in cross-promotion items as well.

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Again with online passes. After Warner’s Batman: Arkham City, a single-player title which compelled users to buy new game copies or purchase an online key to get their Catwoman fix, seems like Electronic Arts is following the trend. This time with Kingdom of Amalur, the upcoming action role-playing game.

According to Destructoid, an entire quest line, featuring seven-quest missions to be specific, is locked behind a one-time key that requires users to have internet connection for activation. In addition to that, the code seems to lock Mass Effect 3’s bonus tie-in armor.

While Online Passes for games with multiplayer features seemed at first like a bitter pill to swallow, shifting the process to block content associated with offline play as well is no doubt a worrisome issue – which could very well eventually translate into the end of second-hand copies. What are your thoughts?


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