NBA Live 2007

By on November 11, 2006

The decade-long series continues for yet another year with NBA Live 07. Will it maintain the good standard?


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First Impressions
My reaction is

The game starts in the same old fashion, with a cinematic showing all the same old features like the dunks, the steals, Kobe Bryant dunking, Ben Wallace dunking, Shaquille O’Neal dunking…Even though this cinematic was supposed to impress us, I, for one, was far from impressed. Why? Because there was nothing new and different shown from NBA Live 06! Anyway, that was just the beginning. Who knows, it might just be a very good game! Read on to find out.

The player rosters are accurate and there are no mistakes regarding the players in their correct teams. The game was played in the maximum settings, and so I was hoping for a treat for the eyes. Sadly, there was none whatsoever. The graphics are bad. The sad part is the graphics of NBA Live 06 were better than these graphics! The player’s bodies are all right, but their movements are awful to watch. How would you feel if your favorite forward, ran in slow-motion to the hoop, when your point guard had the ball? That’s not all. The block animations, steal animations and normal pass (Not the superstar passes, like fake passes etc.) are all the same, which weren’t great in the first place! The animations were great for NBA Live 05, but if the animations are same for two continuing years, it gets very disappointing.

The gameplay has had a few tweaks done to it, but it’s still got the core gameplay of all the games in the NBA Live series. In this time, the free throws have to be made by the normal shooting key. It’s basically like a normal shot. It’s a good feature, but it can be quite hard to shoot a free throw correctly. For this, there is an option to simulate the free throws, and the number of correct free throws depends on the player’s free throw skill. There are now star and superstar players, which is a minor tweak to the game. Also, there are defensive star moves, but this is just an unnecessary feature, which one doesn’t need to use in order to win the game. Another feature is something called the X-Factor. In this, if you use a player, who’s X-Factor has been locked long enough, he will change into a star/superstar player on a temporary basis. As such, you can feel that the EA Sports have tried to increase the sense of reality in the game, as now it is harder to block or steal properly, mostly you end up putting pressure on the offensive player, when he takes a shot or dunks.

The commentary is good throughout the game. It’s fun to hear a player’s short history, when he goes to shoot a free throw. The court sounds, and dunk/lay-up sounds are good, but they are nothing spectacular. The crowd sounds are exactly the same as of last year. The controls are satisfactory, but it is very clear that NBA Live 07 was clearly made for consoles.

The controls specified in the manual and in the in-game tutorial, are for the Playstation 2. For example: We have to move the “Right Analog Stick” up and down to make a free throw, we have to move the “Right Analog Stick” in a quarter circle, for the players to make superstar moves. The All-Star Weekend, a highlight of yesteryear’s games like NBA Live 05 and NBA Live 06, also continues into NBA Live 07. The 3-Point shootout, and East vs. West games are good, but they are nothing spectacular. The Slam Dunk Contest, the most fun part of the game, is also quite disappointing. The controls for this part have again been made for the Playstation 2 and other consoles, as there is no option for an Alley-Oop, or a 360 degrees-or-higher type of dunk.

In the end, you should buy this if you are an ardent fan of the NBA Live Series. If you are a fan of the game, don’t buy this, buy a console, and play NBA 2K7 instead!

The Scorecard
Based on core feature of previous games, few new tweaks.
Bad animation and the same as Live 06. Disappointing.
Good commentary, other sounds are mediocre.
Nothing really groundbreaking about this game.
Wait for the next NBA Live game, and pray that it will be better than this.


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