Interview with Yann Suquet, Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

By on January 30, 2012

We talk to the associate producer about Ubisoft’s upcoming tactical shooter.

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Tell us about the gameplay changes, especially squad management.
All of your squad members are independent even though they are part of the team. The guys on your team know what they are doing. Squad management has been more simplified but there’s even more depth to the gameplay.

GRFS is based in the future and is focused on futuristic gadgets. Tell us about them?
The weapons stay true to Special Forces. We give players a choice of weaponry as well as a range of customizations. The Gunsmith feature gives you the ability to customize your weapons as to how you want to play. The weapons are not based on science fiction. Everything in the game is based on reality of things that are being worked on. For instance, optical camouflage is being worked on the moment and so are things like the magnetic view. Tom Clancy has good relationships with weapons manufacturers and we’ve got access to using some of these weapons in the game. Keep in mind that the Ghosts are the elite of the elite and they have access to some of the best weapons.

You can use Xbox’s Kinect feature with the Gunsmith mode. When we were making the game, someone said, “Hey, it would be fun to customize the guns like in minority report. However, the Kinect technology is not ready for core gameplay of AAA titles, so it’s just limited to Gunsmith mode. Of course, Gunsmith is also playable with regular control pads.

The PC version of the game was cancelled and is now back on again. What’s the story behind that?
That was a big misunderstanding. The producer of Ghost Recon Online (not the same game as Ghost Recon: Future Soldier) said something and it’s was misinterpreted as Ubisoft is not making a PC version of Ghost Recon: Future Soldier. But the PC version is coming. Ghost Recon Online is a completely different experience and not the same as Future Soldier.

What can we expect from the multiplayer mode?
You can have a four player co-op mode, whether that’s through system link or online play. The multiplayer mode magnifies every gameplay feature we have in the game. You’re playing against human beings who are smarter and better. You have to use all of the items in your inventory wisely and it will lead you to victory.
You have three classes in the game. The Scout who has access to optical camouflage and sniper rifles. Then, you have the Engineer who has access to drones and intel grenades. You also have Riflemen with EMP grenades and light machine guns.

There are also a vast amount of maps ranging from South America to Rome. It’s a global theater.

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    This was a great interview. Good job!

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