Insomniac will not be making anymore Resistance games

By on January 29, 2012

Series has reached its “logical conclusion.”

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Insomniac Games will no longer helm any Resistance titles in the future, the developer announced last week.

In a YouTube video addressing fans, CEO Ted Price said the team believes the series has reached its “logical conclusion” in terms of story. It’s not the end for the franchise, however, with Price hoping it will continue to live on under Sony, and expand in the future.

“We believe that Resistance has reached its logical conclusion in terms of the story that we wanted to tell,” he said.

“However, that doesn’t mean that the Resistance franchise isn’t continuing – it’s already in the capable hands of Nihilistic and with Sony’s shepherding we know that it will continue to live on and expand.

“We’re excited as fanboys to see where it goes.”


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