Capcom slashes $10 off Resident Evil Revelations’ price

By on January 28, 2012

Survival horror down to $39.99 even though it ships on a 4GB card.

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Capcom has confirmed that it will cut $10 off the initially pegged price tag for Resident Evil Revelations.

Explaining the reason behind the price drop, Capcom issued a statement on its own Capcom-Unity blog, saying that “after weeks of effort” they took a decision that should please buyers and potential consumers alike – reducing $10 from the survival horror title, which means now it should cost $39.99 instead of $49.99.

Capcom hopes this decision “will encourage even more people to check out this strong entry in the Resident Evil canon.”

Resident Evil Revelations is due January 27 in Europe, February 7 in the US, exclusively for the 3DS.


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