LG 3D Gaming Championship – Day 1

By on January 28, 2012

We catch all the action from the Need for Speed: Shift finals.

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Today LG wrapped up the Need for Speed: Shift segment of its 3D Gaming Championship at Living Rooms Cafe. The final five contestants were ready to burn some rubber and win some amazing prizes.

The contestants each ran through a qualifying lap, and Ahsan Ishtiaz sadly was eliminated with a lap time of 7:37:160. The first versus race was between Tawfiq Hamed and Hummair Ishtiaz, with Tawfiq emerging victorious. The next match was between brothers Asjad and Ashhad Alvi, with Ashhad making it through to the final round versus Tawfiq. After four grueling laps in a neck-and-neck race, Ashhad emerged as the grand champion to a round of applause and congratulations from everyone, including his brother and father who were watching from the sidelines.

Check out photos from the event here, and catch our second day of coverage coming soon.


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