Lightning in Final Fantasy XIII-2 playable via DLC

By on January 26, 2012

You must pay to unlock FFXIII’s heroine.

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Lightning, the star and main protagonist from Final Fantasy XIII, will be joining your role-playing journey in the highly anticipated Square Enix sequel via paid DLC.

That’s however, according to the upcoming issue of Japanese publication Famitsu, reports Andriasang.

Accordingly, Lightning will arrive in form of downloadable coliseum character. You can summon the FFXIII heroine to your party once you beat her. Another slice of DLC featuring “secret story episodes” for Lightning is also expected.

Elsewhere, an intriguing bit of info regarding Final Fantasy XIII-2 DLC suggests that iconic bosses from previous iterations in the legendary series could make their presence via the coliseum battle mode.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 comes out later this month in the US. February 3 in Europe.


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