South Korea has a 4D theme park that uses Kinect

By on January 26, 2012

Which apparently beats the planned Avatar theme park to it.

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South Korea’s new ‘Live Park’ is probably the best implementation of Kinect we have seen yet.

Built by a start-up called d’strict, this US$13 million theme park contains 65 attractions, all powered with Microsoft’s wonderous motion-sensor.

According to d’strict, the theme park has “the world’s biggest interactive 360 degree stereoscopic theatre” and “the world’s most advanced avatar game in the world’s largest interactive projection square stretching over 150 meters.”

The park can hold upto 3,000 visitors, with the Kinect-powered displays able to recognize their faces and voices. Each visitor is given a RFID wristband which allows them to interact with the screen individually.

“Last year James Cameron announced plans for an Avatar themed land at Disney’s Animal Kingdom to begin construction in 2013,” said d’strict’s Bryan Lee. “With Live Park, d’strict have created a 4D avatar theme park that’s here today!”

Go to Kotaku for pictures. Here’s a video of the theme park:


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