10 Worst Games We Played in 2011

By on January 23, 2012

Time for these games to take the walk of shame.

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First Impressions
My reaction is


Mind-numbing would be the more apt name for this game, as it was never really clear how a game about mental hijacking would really take off. With sub-par gameplay, horrible targeting, incompetent AI and a slew of other faults, Mindjack didn’t impress us at all, despite the somewhat dazzling cover art for the game.


When we heard Shah Rukh Khan was releasing a videogame, we were excited. When we heard that a demo was going to be playable at GAMES11, we were ecstatic. When we actually played the game, we lost all reason for living. Where do we even begin with this one? Crappy controls, bizarre graphics and mind-numbing button mashing were just some of the ridiculous problems we had with this game. We’re just hoping that SRK sticks to his movies and stays very, very far away from games.

X-Men Destiny

Destiny clearly had other plans for the X-men crew in this game. An unfinished game with close to zero credit to the franchise, this was one game we were glad to be rid of. Fans of the X-Men might have loved going through all of the characters and their powers, but for everyone else there was little joy to be had from this repetitive title.

Supremacy MMA

A supreme disappointment to say the least, this game took fighting to a new levels of disappointment. Sure it was bloody and brutal, but thanks to its sluggish gameplay you could never enjoy it for more than a few minutes of button mashing. Given that there are much more polished MMAs on the market, we were more than happy to uppercut this catastrophe into oblivion.


The biggest attraction for Brink was supposed to be its million billion different ways of customizing your character. But the problem with Brink is that it was soon lost to the slew of COD-inspired games that bombarded us last year. With a slew of bugs that show up even after patching, there’s little here to enjoy that you couldn’t find elsewhere.

What were the worst games you played last year? Vent/rant in our comments section below.

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  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Christoffer-Treyz/100001436286027 Christoffer Treyz

    Uncharted 3 (the audacity of hype), Dead Space 2 (same old but more boring) and Driver San Francisco were the greatest disappointments for me in 2011. Besides the titles that were mentioned in the article.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100002367454310 Jonathan Stoffregen

    i didnt know deedee did articles ooooh dexters gonna be pissed! :D

  • meoj

    Honestly, you guys cannot have played all that many games in 2011 if these were your 10 worst. There were some real fucking stinkers last year that were way worse than most of these.

  • Grunty

    How about a reader’s choice to compare??

  • Mit_acid

    Duke nuke, nuff said :(

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