Seven Arab game developers to look out for

By on January 24, 2012

These developers paint an exciting prospect for the Arab region.

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While most of us look in the direction of America, Europe and Japan for quality games, little do we know that video game development in the Middle East is a burgeoning industry with a promising future. Arab companies throughout the region are working hard to establish a Middle Eastern market for game development, and one that produces games with their own Middle Eastern qualities and identities

So if you are interested in exploring game development in the Middle East, enter the field of video game development yourself, or simply play games with their own Middle Easter flavor, then this article might be your guide for doing so.

Company NameWizards Production

Wizards Productions boasts not only developing the region’s first MMO for Facebook, but also having King Abdullah II of Jordan test the beta of it. Wizards Productions works consists of both localising foreign games as well as in-house development of their own video games, thus bringing the game genres we all know and love to the Middle Eastern settings.

While most of their games target dedicated gamers, the company does produce the casual games that target various demographics. Their most significant acheivement is their game Operation Arabia, a Facebook-based third person action game that reached 150,000 monthly active users after around 6 weeks of its launch. While their current portfolio sports both Flash and Facebook games, they will soon be launching their first iPhone game, therefore completing the three pronged indie game attack.

Official Website
Facebook Page
Operation Arabia
Operation Arabia Trailer



Comapny Name: Semaphore
Location: Saudi Arabia

Semaphore is a subsidiary of Semanoor, a company which specializes in training systems for Arabic education curriculums. Sephamore aims at producing multiplatform video games that target both the Middle Eastern and the international market.

While Semaphore has not released any game yet, they are working on the highly ambitious project “Unearthed: Trail of Ibn Battuta”, a third person action adventure game which seeks to present the Middle East like never seen in a game before. Unearthed Online, the game’s multiplayer component, is available now free-to-play on Facebook. Sephamore is has garnered considerable hype for their game, and are aiming to bring Unearthed to a variety of audiences, as the game will support two languages, Arabic and English, as well as 18 different subtitle and menu languages.

Semaphore’s other project isn’t related to video games, but still falls within the creative media. They will soon be launching Rsooom, a tool which allows users to create their own full fledged animated clips and import to a variety of media.

Unearthed Official Website
Unearthed Online
Interview with Ahmad Jadallah, director of Unearthed
Unearthed Trailer

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