Twisted Metal demo detailed

By on January 23, 2012

David Jaffe answers questions on sixaxis, splitscreen and more.

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David Jaffe has detailed the demo of his upcoming racer-shooter Twisted Metal.

The demo, which is scheduled to release sometime before the retail release, will feature both single player and multiplayer portions from the game. The single player will only contain one level, however the multiplayer will have two online mods to try out: Nuke Mode and Death Match mode.

Jaffe also confirmed Sixaxis support for the game. The motion-gesture technology will be used as part of an unlock called ‘ram attack’. The attack was first featured in Twisted Metal: Black Dark Sider as a speed boost attack, however it has returned as a pick-up item in the new installment.

The popular rear view mirror display will not be included in the game to save on frame rates, however Jaffe promises to code it in if there is enough demand from fans.

He also confirmed spiltscreen info:
- Bots are in; they will be available in 2-player splitscreen only.
- The bots are capped upto 10.
- 2 player splitscreen can play all 30 maps.
- 3-4 players can only play about 10 maps.

All this info comes from a long “rambly” video from Jaffe himself.


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