Resident Evil 6 will have six player co-op

By on January 22, 2012

Split-screen restricted to two players.

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Resident Evil 6′s Xbox page has revealed more details about the online capabilities of the upcoming horror-shooter.

According to the overview, Resident Evil 6 is all set to host upto 6 player online co-op. It is unclear how and in what form it will be, or if it will tie-up to the main story line. Maybe an extended Mercenaries mode, perhaps?

Offline co-op is restricted to two 2 players.

Resident Evil 6 was announced last week. Capcom said it will be the most “dramatic” and “immersive” installment in franchise. The game is slated to release on November 20 for the PS3 and Xbox 360. A PC version is planned for some time later after that.

Announcement trailer is below:


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    please tell capcom make arabic subtitles on thier games

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