Three Goals That Show You What’s New in FIFA 10

By on September 22, 2009

Three goals = Three new features in FIFA 10

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First Impressions
My reaction is


Three goals I scored while playing the FIFA 10 demo in the past few days. I am not saying the goals are great, I actually scored better goals in the demo but these stand out.

Check them out:

Chelsea 1 – 0 Juventus:

The Goal shows off the promised 360 dribble moves. Watch as Drogba manages to get the better of the defender by dribbling a little higher towards the goal.

Chelsea 2 – 0 Chicago Fire:

A GK mistake that i thought made the game a lot more realistic. As annoying as they might be, we haven’t seen enough mental mistakes by GKs in FIFA 09.

Barcelona 2 – 1 OM:

This shows off the strength I talked about before. Ibra challenged the defender on the wing, snatched the ball and scored a last minute winner. Drama!


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    also very good


    pes is nog soo goood this year ok

  • honesty

    this was honestly a waste of time…
    none of the goals showcased anything NEW about fifa 10…
    i bought the game yesterday and Im an avid fifa 09 player.
    just wanted to speak my thoughts…peacel

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