Rayman Origins Review

By on January 10, 2012

A perfect break from the world of energy drink enthused button mashing.

Good: Anybody wanting to revisit the 16-bit era but modernized to beyond recognition would do well picking this up.
Bad: Lack of online multiplayer could very well throw people off.
Price: AED
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First Impressions
My reaction is

With all the dragon slaying that has taken place because of Skyrim, number of headshots that have accumulated due to the release of Modern Warfare 3, and the typical ‘alpha male’ chest beating that goes hand in hand with playing any video game in an online setting, it feels as though – seeing as it’s a new year and all – we should take a step back from the world of energy drink enthused button mashing and instead look at Rayman Origins, which revels in the simple beauty of an aesthetically pleasing platform game.

Rayman Origins begins with Rayman, a massive blue thing called Globox, a bunch of tiny people – who are simply called Teensies (I guess political correctness isn’t something these creatures have heard about) – and an old hobo who, apart from being the supreme being of The Glade of Dreams (where this story is set), has one of the most magnificent beards I’ve ever laid eyes on. His name is Bubble Dreamer, and you best remember it or else he will hit you with his (filthy looking) umbrella.

Anyway, all of them are sleeping and making a hell of a rhythmic noise. With their blatant disregard for the neighbourhood-maximum-decibel-level law the, aptly named, Livid Dead pops over to the Glade of Dreams to tell the snoring A Capella group to turn it down…with their fists. Hilarity ensues as Rayman (and friends if you took advantage of the multiplayer experience) sets out to rid The Glade of Dreams of various evil cartoony bad guys, collecting lums, setting free a bunch of beetroots called Electoons, and let us not forget that there are a bunch of damsels in distress that need saving from a suitcase with feet and a need to run away when ever approached.

If anybody is currently reading this and has never been fortunate enough to enter the realm of Rayman and co. then you probably think I’ve gone absolutely barking mad and are trying to find out how best to get me the mental help I so dearly need. Well fear not! This is just the basic premise for Rayman Origins.

As far as storylines go, Rayman Origins seems to have a reasonably solid and simple idea but like anything these days the storyline comes second to how bloody good the game looks – and it looks bloody good.

With the modern graphical capabilities Rayman Origins makes old platform games look like they were made out of bits of cut up newspaper. Upon starting the game you are thrown into a world of vibrant colours, goofily grinning cartoon characters, and what can only be one of the catchiest game soundtracks around today. Ubisoft have been able to develop a game that will get you coming back for more, just on the basis of what the game looks like – and it looks like a big bundle of fun.

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