Lightbox promises “surprising” free DLC for Starhawk

By on January 9, 2012

There’s also paid content, obviously.

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Developer Lightbox revealed their DLC strategy for Starhawk, announcing that players should expect to grab some of the title’s add-ons without having to pay a dime.

Senior producer Harvard Bonin told Respawn Action about LightBox’s plans for Starhawk’s DLC. Without going into specifics, he stated that some of the content might be unexpected and thus surprise fans eagerly awaiting the game. “We do have a bunch of free DLC planned,” he said, adding, “and it might be surprising”.

Post-release, paid DLC is also planned according to Bonin. He stated that he’d be “happy to take your money” for some of the additional content.

Starhawk will soon enter its open beta stages. The private one just ended on January 3.


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