Monster Hunter Portable 3rd PS Vita listed by US retailer

By on January 8, 2012

FFX and Lord of Apocalypse spotted in the mix as well.

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There’s an image of a US retail pamphlet (via Gematsu) showing off what it seems a list of soon to be released PlayStation Vita games. The interesting finding among the listed games is a PS Vita iteration of Monster Hunter Portable 3, which hasn’t been revealed by Capcom yet.

The document also lists Final Fantasy X. While it’s a given fact that Final Fantasy X exists and already heading to the Sony handheld, an approval of western version has yet to concur. Seems like Lord of Apocalypse – a title already launched with the system in Japan, is getting the localization treatment as well.

We’ll take this info, specifically the one affiliated with Monster Hunter PS Vita with little grain of salt, although rumors of a Vita release of the hardcore Capcom RPG have been circulating for quite a while now.


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