Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus on PlayStation Vita dated

By on January 7, 2012

Handheld entry is a launch title.

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Tecmo has announced that its PS Vita iteration of the brutal hack ‘n slash franchise, Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus, will be released in the US and Europe on February 22.

Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus is a renovated release of the PlayStation 3 outing, Ninja Gaiden Sigma. The PlayStation Vita version of the  game supports the device’s touted features, including touchscreen, rear touch pad as well as the gyro sensor.

“The Ninja Gaiden series lends itself to a great experience on this amazing new platform,” commented Team Ninja boss, Yosuke Hayashi. “We’re confident that gamers, both our fans and those new to the series, will find Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus to be a thrilling and challenging experience that lives up to the spirit of what the series is best known for while offering a host of new and portable gameplay mechanics.”

Team Ninja’s upcoming project, Ninja Gaiden III, is currently being developed for PlayStation 3 and Xbox , due for release this March.


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