Final Fantasy XIII-2 fails to sell well in Japan

By on January 4, 2012

Already receives a price cut.

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Final Fantasy XIII-2 is supposed to be Square Enix’s comeback title, but it seems fans are not really interested in coming back to it.

According to GameRevolution, the RPG has sold only 524,000 copies so far – a reasonable figure for any non-Japanese game, but abysmal for a Final Fantasy one. To bring the figure into even more perspective, Final Fantasy X-2 sold 1.5 million units right at launch. Final Fantasy XIII-2 is out for more than three weeks already.

Due to this, it seems, Square Enix has reduced the prices as well. The game launched at 7,000 yen, however it is now selling for 5,500 yen in most stores. The writer of the GameRevolution article also found second-hand copies of the game, selling at 4,980.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 releases on Jan 31st in the US, and on Feb 3rd in PAL territories.


Mufaddal Fakhruddin is the Editor for IGN ME and thinks writing in third person about himself in an about me section is weird.

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  • joey

    They’ve pretty much addressed and fixed a lot of things that people complained about in FFXIII. I predict it is a much better game than FFXIII, but people might not have checked it out yet due to the absolutely crazy Q4 that just passed. I will be playing it though, it looks very interesting.

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