5 Reasons Why the PSN Store Needs a Redesign

By on January 3, 2012

Sony needs to follow in Microsoft’s footsteps.

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First Impressions
My reaction is

The PSN Store has always felt quite clunky to me. While Microsoft is constantly focusing on improving the user interface constantly, Sony has just left the store as it is for quite some time now. People find it hard to navigate to where they need to at times and the overall design of the store feels somewhat lacking. Let’s look at 5 reasons that justify the fact that Sony needs a major PSN store redesign.

Search tool doesn’t work well

If you ever tried searching anything on the store you would immediately know what I mean. You search for one specific thing and end up with a list of things both related and COMPLETELY unrelated to what you were searching for. A simple example is while searching for Street Fighter 3: Third Strike Online Edition I was given a huge list of titles that have street fighter in their name and some others that are completely irrelevant. Such situations often cause people a ton of frustrating as they have to scroll through long lists of things they are not looking for to actually find what they want.

Text heavy interface is outdated

While Sony did some refinements to the Store a while back it still remains operating on a text heavy interface. Any interface operating with text heavy navigation is an immediate turn off to lots of users as it simply makes it more difficult to immediately spot what you want. People are now used to elegant image based navigation that makes it a lot easier to spot what you want. Sony needs to clean out on the text heavy interface and offer something a lot more intuitive to the modern user. The more graphic based the navigation is the easier it is to find what you need and make a purchase.

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  • Guest

    xbox’s online features are honestly better

  • Jaymes2

    Wow, Ive never heard this opinion before.
    It’s pretty much common knowledge that the PS Store has a much better design that the Xbox marketplace.

  • Justin MacDonald

    I don’t think it is difficult to find anything, I just got to “view all”, pick the letter and then the game. Pretty simple…

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Josh-Varner/100000024088209 Josh Varner

    The 360 market and over all new design of the dashboard now is terrible. The PSN store is fine the way it is.

    • supersaiyanbardock

      Thtas true PSN Store doesn’t need redesign.

      • supersaiyanbardock

        I meant thats true.

  • Mat_dick1

    if they layed things out better, they’d be on the dolla more….

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1196194483 Kevin Mercado

    PSN store is fine leave it alone, no need to mess w/ decent.

  • joey

    I agree that the search tool is dogshit. But that’s why I never use it, there are other better ways to find stuff on the PSN Store.

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