Demo Impressions: FIFA 10 and PES 2010

By on September 18, 2009

After a few hours with both the demos, lets just say we are impressed!

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First Impressions
My reaction is

What a night. After going a full day without FIFA 09 a pleasant surprise in the form of two demos was waiting for me online. Both the FIFA 10 and PES 10 demos were up and waiting for me to check them out. And just like last year, Arsenal was not to be found on either of the demos.. Grrrr

Starting off with FIFA 10, it’s clear that the game has changed. The player’s physics and design had slightly changed to accommodate some other changes in the game. And one of those changes is the physical play. While speed dominated FIFA 09 with players like Walcott and Eto owning the scene, this year players like Ibra and Drogba are going to be more powerful than ever. In a game I was playing as Barca against Juve, Ibra was fed a thru pass by Henry with a defender close behind him. The defender was faster but Ibra managed to overpower him and push his way through to the goal.

fifa 10

FIFA 10 is up and ready to run

Playing the FIFA 10 demo over and over again I noticed how the referees are way too strict this year. They will call almost every little foul; hopefully something will be done about this before the final release of the game.

The final thing I am going to mention about FIFA 10 is the passing game, both offensively and defensively. Passing the ball is going to need a little more effort and concentration this year because defenders will actually try their best to block your passes. Every time I attempted a quick thru pass to set a striker free, the defender extended his leg to block the pass. Impressive.

PES 10 too had its share of changes. The game is clearly easier to control. Shots are no longer too sensitive to the direction of the player and I managed to hit the back of the net a number of times per game.

Improved in the game is the players design. I started off the demo with a game as Spain Vs France. The first thing I noticed is the Arsenal players on the field. Sagna, Fabregas and Nasri looked simply perfect. Playing as Barca later, guys like Henry and Messi looked really impressive. Messi even comes with his own running style.


Better than real life

I am actually happy to say that both games managed to impress me. Both demos featured improved graphics and gameplay and each game concentrated on its own weaknesses and improved its strengths. Picking one game over the other is going to be really hard for me right now, and what I thought was a runaway win for FIFA 10 might be slightly harder than expected.

Look out for the review for both games as soon as they hit stores next month!


I love my Sports games. Throw me on an Island with the newest FIFA, Football Manager and NBA 2K and i will live forever. Follow me on Twitter (@RabieA11) for updates or on the PSN and XBL (Rabie1).

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  • pesfan

    pes!!! finally its back!!!!

  • Gump

    This PES is definitely better feeling than the last but is still an arcady feeling game compared with FIFA 10. The movement is jumpy and the pace is quick while FIFA feels more realistic with smooth animations. This will be a case of preference. I scored 3 goals on the PES demo on my first go after a year of FIFA 09 while FIFA 10 made me work harder for my goals. The arcade feel of PES could potentially provide for a more satisfying multiplayer experience but as I said it will be a matter of preference this time around.

  • Rabie Hassoun

    Well said Gump. At one point while playing PES 10 i dribbled past the whole French team with Silva before ripping the top right net.. Something iam pretty sure i will never do in fifa 10!!

  • rjg85

    What difficulty level are you guys playing on? Seriously??? You telling me you dribbled round the whole French team? BS unless you were playing on dummy difficulty. Jeez, on the lower difficulty settings the AI doesnt even run after you, they just stand there. Ramp it up to top player and tell me that you can take on the whole team and score 3 goals every game. Rant aside, I’m dissapointed with the PES demo, for me they have sacrificed pace and responsiveness for graphical fluidity and a more realistic feel, and I’m not sure I like it one bit. No longer are my dribbles razor sharp affairs of pace and precision, I feel like I have to get rid of the ball as soon as I receive it for fear of being dispossessed. There are a mindboggling array of options to tweak the way your team is supposed to play, but no matter what you do your teammates still stand around and look at you like retards instead of making any decent movement or runs. The graphics have been overhauled and the player faces are great, a milion times better than the generic offerings from FIFA 10. However, the overall graphical feel and polish is still better in FIFA, and I just think that PES should have stuck with what it did best rather than sacrifice its major strengths in order to close the gap visually with FIFA.

  • abas

    Now I am a staunch PES fan but last year FIFA took the crown. What I’ve been hearing is that FIFA is still better (even from PES fans). Looking forward to your reviews Rabie!

  • Fictitious Mythologies

    As a FIFA fan since 08 (Pro Evo prior to that) i am glad to see Pro has addressed its graphical flaws. The players, lighting etc look very good, better than FIFA by a long shot. However, i think the massive jump FIFA has made since 09 to 10 will be the telling factor this year. FIFA has somehow managed to make small tweaks in almost every area of gameplay to make the matches feel so smooth and realistic. This is an issue Pro Evo still hasn’t addressed and this is why FIFA will again be my game this year. However, i hope Pro Evo takes the gameplay elements of FIFA and implement it into next years game, and FIFA take Pro Evo’s graphical elements and implements it into their 2010 game so that both titles will have made significant progress in the last 2-3 years.

    This competition is great and Pro Evo finally making effort will only push the FIFA staff to really improve their game (vice versa). The perfect football game is almost upon us people

  • درقبا11


    والله كونامي احسن منها بمليوووووووووووون………مرة

  • Bren

    I’m sorry. Have people actually played the PES demo? Apart from the feeling that the players are skating across ice. The non existant new A.I, shit goalkeepers. Lego hair styles that make the game look shit, poor animations and stuttering whilst dribbling, crap uncontrolable randomness of header power and crap referees its a fine game. How have Konami let this series slip so badly? They are too busy spending pointless time on this idiots idea for sliders and ability cards that the game play has totally been lost.

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