Games of January – Soul Fantasy: The Role-Playing Impostors!

By on January 2, 2012

It’s not as boring as we hoped.

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The New Year has dawned upon us already, and while it is only a change of date for many, for us gamer folks, it’s a whole new year of awesome games we probably won’t be able to pay for entirely. Generally, January-ies are considered as the throw-away month – the month were we hastily complete the leftovers from last year in order to prepare ourselves for the awesome games we won’t be able to pay…oh right, I already used that one.

But this year’s a bit different – annoyingly, there are some good games coming out which demands for our attention. Let’s say just that, if you are still playing Skyrim and like Final Fantasy/Fighting games, you are getting one in the knee, mate.

Gotham City Impostors (PC, PS3, Xbox 360 – Downloadable Game)

About: Gotham City Impostors is a multiplayer game unlike any other, giving players the opportunity to rebel against conformity as they customise their own characters. Posing as amateur vigilantes or villains, gamers will create their very own Bats and Jokerz characters using unprecedented customisation options including insane costumes, homebrewed gadgets and a wide range of traditional and imagined weapons.
Release date: January 10
Videos: Official Trailer, Customization, Beta Bootcamp


King Arthur II: The Role-Playing Wargame (PC)

About: King Arthur II will feature a new and dark fantasy setting. No longer a valiant ruler, King Arthur is now the Maimed King trying to mend a land almost beyond repair in a stunning new plot. More heroic, large scale battles with bigger armies are at reach to defeat more powerful foes. Intense boss fights never seen before promise to pit hero’s forces against unique and terrifying enemies. A new wide range of camera control options, revised animations and an extensive tutorial will provide for the ultimate gaming experience.
Release date: January 10
Videos: Official Trailer


Silent Hill HD Collection (PS3, Xbox 360)

About: Experience the horrors of Silent Hill all over again with this collection of Silent Hill 2 and 3, rendered in high-definition for the first time ever. SILENT HILL 2: You are back to the town of Silent Hill as James, a man who lost his wife several years earlier. One day, he receives a letter from his dead wife telling him to come back to Silent Hill, but what he finds there when he returns is nothing short of horrifying. SILENT HILL 3: The series’ trademark brand of psychological horror and terrifying gameplay continues. As a teenage girl named Heather, players must explore and unravel the mysterious connection between the god-forsaken town and her inner fears.
Release date: January 24 (US)
Videos: Official trailer, Voice acting comparison


Oil Rush (PC, Mac, Linux – Downloadable Game)

About: ‘Oil Rush’ is an Indie real-time naval strategy game based on group control, that combines strategic challenge of classic RTS with sheer fun of Tower Defense, and features state-of-an-art visuals. Gameplay in ‘Oil Rush’ is easy to learn but hard to master and offers variety of different strategies for each map.
Release date: January 25
Videos: Official trailer, Single Player Campaign,  Multi-player Battle on ‘Sabotage’


Final Fantasy XIII-2 (PS3, Xbox 360)

About: Set several years after Lightning and the others saved Cocoon, some survivors have decided to start over by rebuilding on Gran Pulse. Lightning, however, is nowhere to be found and thought dead by many, but Serah believes otherwise. When her town is suddenly overrun by monsters, a mysterious man named Noel appears to save her. Together, the two set off to find Lightning…
Release date: January 31 (US), February 3 (PAL)
Videos: Official trailer, Enhanced Battle System


Soul Calibur V (PS3, Xbox 360)

About: SoulCalibur V picks up 17 years after the events of SoulCalibur IV with new heroes and returning warriors clashing in an epic showdown between good and evil. The tale of Patroklos, son of Sophitia Alexandra, unfolds as his family’s destiny intertwines with the Soul swords.
Release date: January 31 (US), February 3 (PAL)
Videos: Official trailer, Ezio Auditore, Characters


Mufaddal Fakhruddin is the Editor for IGN ME and thinks writing in third person about himself in an about me section is weird.

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