Lord of the Rings: War in the North Review

By on December 30, 2011

A decent attempt at capturing the Lord of the Rings universe.

Good: Great co-op; Solid combat; Deep character development.
Bad: Mediocre story; Forgettable characters; long load times and some crashes.
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The end of 2011 has been a crowded period for gaming and there have been quite a lot of quality games coming out in the market. Lord of The Rings: War in the North came out early November and was sidelined by more successful triple A titles such as Battlefield 3 and Uncharted 3. Just simply being released at a time where tons of highly anticipated games are already out in the market wasn’t the game’s only problem. Poor presentation, mediocre storyline, and long load times were all central problems that reduced the quality of the game. Lord of the Rings: War in the North however offered one of the better Lord of the Rings experiences in recent memory and a game that can be enjoyed by fans of the franchise.

War in the North doesn’t delve into the main story of Lord of the Rings but rather focuses on 3 heroes: Eradan, Farin, and Andriel on their quest to do their part in helping with the war for Middle Earth. In a sense War in the North is a spinoff that attempts to tell a tale on its own rather than focus on backbones from the main plot of the Lord of The Rings storyline. The story doesn’t pick up very well and for the most part it seems to be just there to move the game along. I had a hard time remembering the character’s name simply because there was little to no attachment to their personalities. The characters were simply avatars that just took the role of different classes to portray different character classes.

As an action-RPG War in the North plays very similarly to other games of the genre most notably Dragon Age and The Witcher 2. You control a single character from the 3 main heroes and can choose to either have other real players play along with you in co-op/Online or have the AI take control of the other 2 partners. As you make your way through the game you gain experience points which eventually add up to increase your level. Once you level up then you can spend points on different attributes as well as skills to customize your character in the way your own play style. Combat is fun in Lord of the Rings: War in the North but can become repetitive because of moments in the game where you feel like you are just slashing at rows after rows of beasts and monsters.

The main selling point of War in the North is its cooperative experience. Co-op can be played by up to 3 people at once and can be a ton of fun. While playing the game single player can still be fun, the game was catered to co-op play from the get go. Playing Co-op makes the experience a lot more fun as you get rid of some AI problems that can be of annoyance when playing alone and hence this allows for a much more engaging experience.

There are several problems that I came across while playing through the game. Loading times in the game are one my main complaints, as they can be quite lengthy at times. This can be especially frustrating when you are moving from one part of an area to another only to be stopped by 30seconds-1minute of load times. Another problem is crashes and glitches that can occur while playing multiplayer whether it is Co-op or online.

Lord of the Rings: War in the North still remains a game that can be enjoyed by Action-RPG lovers as well as lord of the Rings .The game has enough solid points to offer an enjoyable experience but does suffer from several issues that holds it back from becoming great. If you are a fan of the Lord of The Rings then War of the North is a title that does a decent job of capturing the essence of the Lord of The Rings Universe.


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