Analyst: GTA V to be the biggest release in 2012

By on December 29, 2011

Even bigger than Call of Duty.

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EEDAR’s Jesse Divnich has spoken blasphemy. In an interview with IndustryGamers, the analyst, assumingly after crunching numbers, has predicted that Rockstar’s Grand Theft Auto V will be the biggest release next year. Even bigger than the almighty, all-seeing, all-knowing Call of Duty.

”It goes without saying that GTA V will be one of the year’s biggest releases, but I will take it one step farther and say GTA V will be 2012′s biggest release,” he said.

“Don’t get me wrong, Call of Duty will undoubtedly be huge, as it is every year and it may even grow, but if I had to call what will be a photo finish race, I will go with GTA V.”

That’s a pretty bold thing to say. Modern Warfare 3 topped every entertainment records known to man this year, making Activision a billion dollars. That’s 1.6% of Bill Gates total wealth. Even despite being one of the biggest franchises in video games history, Grand Theft Auto V will have a hard time matching the sales and revenues of Call of Duty.


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