Five Games Capcom Should Consider Making

By on December 29, 2011

Here’s a tip: A Call of Duty clone isn’t one of them.

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One can’t argue that Capcom did create some of the gaming’s finest and most memorable IPs. With this generation’s plans abruptly changing, and the company shifting its focus on more brawlers and spin-offs, we can’t but perceive how the Japanese titan dismissed some of the games that helped the industry mature at some point in its development. In this article, we take a look at five games that we believe summoning them should be a priority to Capcom’s future plans.

Dino Crisis 3

It has been a long time since we had a proper game that deals with slaying them mighty pre-historic creatures. Dino Crisis – particularly the second installment on the original PlayStation, was hands-down one of my personal favorite games of all time. Beating the game tens of times, sometimes on a daily basis, was a bit too much I admit, but there was something in Dino Crisis 2 that kept pulling me back. What made Dino Crisis so special wasn’t shooting dinosaurs itself. No. In fact, it was the gripping atmosphere of the game. Submerging the player on an island surrounded with nothing but clandestineness and shitload of dinosaurs was creepy and incredibly compelling at the same time. Now a proper successor that factually deserves to have the name ‘Dino Crisis’ should be Capcom’s priority, and one thing we can hope for is the sequel that never happened.

Breath of Fire VI

JRPGs and Capcom might not blend nicely together, but Breath of Fire is an exception. The series which might have easily rivaled Square Enix’s Final Fantasy and Namco’s Tales series in the long run. Yes, Breath of Fire was THAT good. It astounds us why Capcom stopped making more Breath of Fire games after the PS2 release. Breath of Fire V certainly didn’t live up to its predecessors, but that shouldn’t give Capcom a reason to stop. Breath of Fire VI would make a great game if it is to release on current consoles generation. With its deep and absorbing story telling, as well as the trademark offering of solid gameplay and high replay value, plus the cherished music – in a nutshell , that’s what made Breath of Fire III and IV unique and separated the franchise from the tons of other Japanese RPGs. Making Breath of Fire VI would be great Capcom.

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  • oldschool gamer

    these publishers not going to give gamers what  we want  more like serving  INVESTORS investment.  and how long will we gamers suffer from FPS only games???  enough is enough.
    Im dead bored of mmo’s and fps games.  good lord killzone,god of war,call of duty,battlefield company,skyrim, metal of honor    HOW LONG???? do we need to play these RUBBISH games??

    • Tsubaki_14

      Don’t worry pal, if you’re on ps3 2012 is bringing in the real games, lots of JRPGs on the list for this year :D ni no kuni (a combination of studio ghibli + level 5, can’t wait!), Tales of Graces, FF Versus 13, Kingdom Hearts III, and the list goes on and on! THIS year is going to be playstation’s BEST

  • oldschool gamer

    cant believe i TRADED in my ps3 for SUPER NINTENDO and bought a wii    ps3 SUCKS so do 360  with only  GEAR,HALO,FLOPZA 4

  • 360′er

    those morons on N4G site  sooooooo freakin sensitive. dont realize everyone entitle to a thought,opinion no matter if it is agreeable to anothers opinion on said subject or not. if your thoughts not on par  you  will be BANNED or called a troll   WTF is a troll??  I would not reccomend anyone with decency and rational COMMON SENSE not to join N4G website.

  • Akaironin

    Umm.. you mean Dino Crisis 4, don’t ya? Still, a HD re-release on PSN/XBLA of Dino Crisis 3 would be a nice treat for the fans while they’re doing a proper sequel to the first two ones, of course… =)

  • khaled

    Breath of fire is indeed a perfect selection , but please make it more likely the third series 

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