2K Sports Can Come Up With Awesome Trailers Too

By on September 17, 2009

Kobe, Lebron and the gang warming up with style

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A few days after NBA Live 10 impressed with a gameplay trailer, NBA 2K10 came up with an even better one. The new NBA 2K10 trailer does not just show new gameplay features, but pre-game scenes as well. You will see Lebron messing around with his team mates (Of course, no hand shake with Superman Howard to be seen yet) and Vince Carter showing off his brand new blue and white jersey.

Other scenes in the trailer show off some new shooting animations and skills, something both Live and 2K seem to be concentrating on this year. Watching the video I also came across some impressive new dribble and post up moves. Kobe even manages to sink a buzzer beater towards the end of the clip, increasing my excitement and anticipation level for this title even more.

2K Sports is yet to release a demo for the game, merely a couple of weeks before the big release. Personally, I am not surprised with the lack of a demo thus far. After all we have had NBA Draft Combine as a demo/arcade game for a while now.

Oct 6th is when you can put your hands on what looks like a potential master piece. Follow MEGamers for more details.


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