THQ promises “tons of fixes” in upcoming WWE 12 patch

By on December 26, 2011

Patch should be ready for submission after the holidays.

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THQ’s latest iteration in the WWE series has been available in stores since November, and since then, the wrestling title has been suffering from issues, particularly in the online component. Now, based on player feedback, a patch that should address the reported problems is coming out soon.

WWE ’12 creative director Cory Ledesma took it to Twitter and announced the new patch, while noting that it should be ready for submission after the holidays.

“Ton of good fixes in upcoming patch. Fans will be stoked! Its being submitted after the holidays. We’ll announce the exact date when we know,” he wrote.

The creative director then stated that the patch should bring major fixes in “Online, Universe, Gameplay, custom music” and a host of other modes.


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