Mario Kart 7 Review

By on December 23, 2011

Another great entry to the Mario Kart series.

Good: Kart customization; Track variety and diversity; Amazing online multiplayer.
Bad: Limited character rooster.
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Whenever a new Nintendo hardware launches you have to expect a brand new Mario Kart game to be launched sometime within its timeline. The 3DS has finally received its own Mario Kart game as Mario Kart 7 is now out. Nintendo this time around created a highly polished Mario Kart game with the most robust online multiplayer mode I have ever seen in any Nintendo title to come out.

If you have played Mario Kart before or any other Kart racing game then you will feel right at home with Mario Kart 7. You pick a character from the Mario universe and choose from a variety of karts available to race against other characters. As you race you pick up several power ups that give you a variety of benefits. For example picking up shells allow you to hit other racers hindering their progress in the track, while picking up mushrooms gives you a limited speed boost. Nintendo added a few new power-ups this time around and it emphasized a lot on the ability to fly and drive under water with this iteration of the franchise. Both features are great additions to the series as they expand the diversity and possibilities of the in game tracks.

Nintendo has managed to add a few great changes to the Mario Kart gameplay experience. 1st of all Kart customization comes in which enables you to choose which kart, tire, and add-on to use before starting a race. While the customization isn’t incredibly deep, this feature allows you to tweak your kart to your own play style. Another important gameplay element added is the use a first-person view and the ability to control the kart using the 3DS’s gyroscope. The controls for this mode felt pretty responsive and combined with the 3D effect in the game gave a more immersive feel to the kart racing experience.

While the single-player modes can be a ton of fun, the real gem of Mario Kart 7 is the multiplayer mode. Here you choose to play local multiplayer with your friends as well as online multiplayer with people around the globe. The online multiplayer of Mario Kart 7 is THE best online mode I have yet seen in a Nintendo game. You can choose to play regular races or challenges such as collecting coins or popping balloons and whatnot. In addition there are communities available for you both to join and create. This provides a great foundation to build a community around people who enjoy the game. The latency online is nearly unnoticeable regardless of who you play against. Nintendo has done a great job of both masking and reducing latency making the online multiplayer all that more enjoyable.

Mario Kart 7 also has both StreetPass and SpotPass support to enable a number of handy features to be used. Through StreetPass you can fight other racers you meet locally, while through SpotPass you can get ghost data from various races around the world to compete against as well as recommendations to which communities you can join. Both of these features add a ton of great value to the experience and boost the game’s replay ability.

Mario Kart 7 doesn’t bring in anything revolutionary in terms gameplay but rather polishes the Mario Kart formula to a really high extent. Kart customization, rich course diversity, and brilliant multiplayer make this package one that’s really hard to resist. If you haven’t picked Mario Kart 7 up yet, you are going to miss out on such an amazing experience.


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