Teased Atlus game revealed, is PSP title

By on December 22, 2011

Guess what starts with ‘G’ and ends with an ‘R’. No not Growlanser.

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Atlus has been sending emails from the beginning of the week, spreading hints that their next title would start with the letter ‘G’ and end with an ‘R’. Well guess what it is? Gungnir, a Japanese strategy RPG, coming exclusively for the PSP. It’s due out on June 12, 2012.

According to Atlus, Gungnir’s strategy RPG mechanics “offer a number of fresh twists on an expertly honed formula.  Building upon the traditional action queue of turn-based strategy RPGs, actions in Gungnir all have a numerical wait interval associated with them.”

Atlus has set up a teaser page for Gungnir, as well, which doesn’t show much but promises for more updates soon.

Many would probably say Atlus has arrived late to the party especially now that the PlayStation Vita is launched in Japan. Well here’s another proof that the PSP still has something to keep It going in the future. The new game also has a trailer; I liked the music.


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