Sony sued for not being sue-able anymore

By on December 20, 2011

PSN’s updated TOS questioned.

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It’s almost a ‘yo dawg’ moment, this. In September, Sony had updated its Playstation Network terms of service (TOS) so as it protect itself from class-action lawsuits. However, that clause itself is now being sued.

As Gamespot reports, a Northern California man has filed a lawsuit against Sony, on behalf of all PS3 owners at that, alleging unfair business practices of forcing users into either giving up the right to sue, or give up access to a service (PSN) they paid for when they purchased the PS3 hardware.

The lawsuit also accuses Sony of burying the new clause near to the bottom of the 21-page document, and failing to provide an easily accessible version online. The suit also notes that although Sony had allowed users to opt-out from the class-action provision, the ‘request’ must be sent to the company in writing only within 30 days (that means no emails, phone calls, SMS, etc).

Recently, Microsoft too changed their Xbox Live TOS to accommodate a similar prevention-measure. We wonder if there is a lawsuit brewing for that as well.


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