Madden NFL 10 Review

By on September 15, 2009

One of the best Maddens money can buy.


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First Impressions
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Love it or hate it we have another Madden game on our hands. One of the best selling games year in and year out, Madden NFL 10 features two superstars from last year’s super bowl on the cover. 21 years is a lifetime, and that is exactly how old this franchise is. EA Sports promises a whole bunch of new features, online modes and improved graphics. But isn’t that what publishers say every year? Read on for more details.


From the get go you will notice just how good the presentation is in this game. The menus are very simple yet creative and the background music and pictures just get you pumped up while choosing your game mode. The presentation is actually one of the most improved aspects about the game, just like what EA has been promising since the release of Madden 09. Before kickoff you will see fans standing in line to enter the stadium, coaches shaking hands and team mates motivating each other. The scenes on the sideline before, during and after the game are just what every sports game should feature. Watching a coach scream across instructions gives the game a soul in a way. At half time you will even get a live report from around the league, presenting you with box scores and highlights for your viewing pleasure. Despite some glitches with these new features, this is a great step forward that hopefully games like FIFA and NBA Live will follow.

The single player modes here are your typical options. Franchise mode was improved giving you more choices and therefore more control over your team. The bigger improvements come in the shape of an online franchise mode. Here you can use your PC to create, organize drafts and arrange games. Your league will then have its own site, creating a fantastic community for you to enjoy. We are very hopefully that the game finally catches on in the region for features like this to be truly enjoyed.

Another multiplayer addition was the online Coop mode. Here you and a friend can lead one team to victory in the virtual world. The mode has its own set of good and bad. The good is the amount of fun you will have once the two of you get used to each other. That is easier on offence naturally. Having one player playing as a wide receiver and running circles around the competition will surely get some points on the board. The problem with the mode however is the defensive side of the story. The camera is just too zoomed in for both players to fully visualize the field, leaving the offense with a ton of space and routes to exploit. The mode overall is a great addition but still requires some work.


The core gameplay remains basically the same. EA Sports did introduce some new animations to spice up the gameplay a little but controls and movements wise the game is still the same. One change however is the speed of the game. The game is noticeably slower this year, making it a bit more realistic and actually comparable to a real life NFL broadcast. Of course if you still want your players running like Sonic on the field, you can adjust the speed of the game from the options menu. Also improved is the rushing and blocking systems in the game. Running and defending the runs is more fun this year thanks to the new animations. Using the right stick you can push and wrestle your way past the defence instead of just relaying on luck.

Visuals wise, this is the best looking Madden to date. First off the players are very well done with perfectly nailed animations for each one of them. The characters on the sideline even come with improved graphics and the developers managed to perfect each and every stadium in the league.  The weather effects also managed to impress us. We barely noticed any graphical glitches in the game itself with every play going by smoothly.

As usual, Madden comes with some of the best music you have ever heard. If the presentation and menus were not good enough to pump you up, the music certainly will.  We don’t know who exactly picks out the sound track for this game, but whoever it is; he should be getting a promotion for god’s sake! Sadly, the commentary is one of the worst things about Madden NFL 10. The commentary is often too repetitive, predictable and at times even out of sync. The sound effects during the game are pretty good and really strive to get the action as close as possible to your living room.


Madden 10 is one of the best Madden games ever released. Not because it features anything exceptionally new but because it’s a fruit of 21 years of work and experience.  The developers went back and looked at what is wrong with every Madden released recently and made sure they delivered a solution. The gameplay is flawless, presentation is just too hot, graphics are eye popping and music is exciting. Few issues like the commentary and 2 player coop camera angles are things the developers can work on as an improvement for Madden 11. But until then, this is one sports title you need to get your hands on.

The Scorecard
Realistically slower with a few new additions.
A job well done, all new player's animations are great to look at.
Amazing sound track but a very disappointing commentary system.
A ton of stuff to do online, the offline franchise mode is pretty deep.
With a click of a button you can have Michael Vick running around on your TV!
An impressive all around performance from Madden this year makes it the best Madden recently released if not of all time.


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