Introducing MEG 2.0

By on September 15, 2009

It’s been a little over three years since MEG went online and today, we present to you our v2.0. Like any sequel we’ve squashed bugs and added lots of new features.

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It’s been a little over three years since MEG went online and what a ride these three years have been. We’ve covered some great games, made awesome contacts with the industry leaders and have had the pleasure of building an incredible team that tirelessly brings our viewers the latest and greatest.

Three years is also about the average time it takes for the gaming industry to produce a good sequel and thus today, we would like to present you MEG 2.0. Like any original release, we’ve learned a lot and tried to implement as much as we could in this sequel. We’ve scrapped the older engine and the site is now based on a completely new engine which will provide us with the flexibility of moving forward.

Although you wont be able to see the “under the hood” changes, MEG has also undergone a significant facelift.

Here a list of what’s new:

Dedicated PSN and XBLA Sections
Playstation Network and Xbox Live Arcade games now have sections on their own.

Better Events Coverage
With gaming related events increasing by the day, we’ve added an Events section as well.

Games Release Date Calendar
Our new calendar gives you access to Middle East release dates for upcoming games.

Our team will now be able to blog about things on their mind- so its not just news, reviews and previews. Watch out for live blogging coverage from events and blog insights from industry insiders.

The competitions section has also been revamped- check out the number of competitions currently going on.

Twitter and Facebook Competitions
With Social Networking being the buzz, we’ve added Twitter and Facebook links to ourselves and the first five people that Retweet our launch will end up with a video game.



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  • Derrick Pereira

    Looks super guys! So much more cleaner and easier to find stuff…

    Well done.

  • Mark

    Just retweeted you guys!

    @halotweet RT @mideastgamers Introducing MEG 2.0. First 5 to Retweet Win Games.

    Good luck and check out if you get a chance.

  • Detox

    Looks amazing GUYS :)

    Nice work MEG 2.0 FTW!!!!!!

  • Raashid

    Mideastgamers rocked!! The new one rocks even more!!!

  • Raashid

    Just retweeted!

  • Legend

    good job :)

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