WWE 12 UAE Championship Coverage

By on December 17, 2011

The big screen wrestling.

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Vox Cinemas and Microsoft hosted the first ever WWE 12 Championship in the country today  (yes, in an actual cinema!). If you thought playing on your spanking-new 55″ LED TV is awesome, you are wrong.

This is awesome.

The tournament was boiling with excitement and intense competition among surprisingly friendly participants, who tagged along friends and family to cheer them along the testy roads of wrestling. Ultimately, it was down to four finalists, who were presented an Xbox 360 each before they steamed it off in the ring. Of them, two came victorious – GamesFest winner Mohammad Kachwala and, wide-eyed, almost-not-believing-he-is-there Abbas.

The finals was played in the ‘Inferno’ mode – a no-limit, no-rules engagement with the entire ring set on fire. The player must drag the opponent – after he has beaten him to plump of course – into the fire to end the match. Kachwala and Abbas fought furiously, and ultimately, Abbas proved to be a better tactician and impressively outsmarted his way to victory. Abbas won a 42″ LCD from LG and a blu-ray player, as well; he plans to gift the LCD to his Dad as he already has a 32″ in his room.

WWE 12 UAE Champion Abbas!

The finalists and their awesome prizes.



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