Spider-man: Edge of Time Review

By on December 15, 2011

Spidy takes a swing back.

Good: Ability to upgrade both Spider-men; Good voice acting; Shifting between settings.
Bad: Repetitive combat; Poor stage design; both variations of Spider-man play very similarly; uninteresting story
Price: AED
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First Impressions
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The Spider-man franchise has not been doing so well in recent years. Most of the video game adaptations come off just for the sake of making a push with an upcoming movie or some sort of publisher demand. Last year’ Spider-man: Shattered Dimensions however tried to do something unique and different with the franchise and was successful in making a surprisingly good game that was able to capture some of the elements that were lost. This year’s Spider-man: Edge of time tries to improve upon what last year’s release’ positive points but rather fails in producing a better game and the result is a half decent product. Spider-man: Edge of time isn’t a completely horrible experience, but is definitely not the step forward fans of the series are looking for.

Shattered Dimensions focuses on two adaptations within the Spiderman universe, The Amazing Spider-man and Spider-man 2099. The plot of the game revolves around Doctor Walker Sloan who was able to create a portal to go back in time which allows him to start his evil plans at a much earlier point in history. Both the Amazing Spider-man as well as Spider-man 2099 must work together to put an end to the works of Sloan as its effects will cause some drastic changes that can shift history forever. There is very little that is interesting in the plot of the game and you often find yourself finding the plot being there just for the sake of it.

Throughout the game you shift between both the Amazing and 2099 Spider-men to fix important things in each time period. The concept of changing something in the past to effect the present is crucial to the game as most of the time you will be doing various tasks utilizing that concept. For example breaking a door in The Amazing Spider-man’s universe will cause that same door to open in the future.

The gameplay of Shattered Dimensions is a mixture of the Action/Adventure and Platformer genres .Most of the time you will spend punching away at enemies to advance from one area to another. The combat lacks diversity and you often find yourself fighting off just waves and waves of the exact same enemies. The game also suffers from repetitive and poor stage design than often makes you do the same things again and again. That combined with repetitive combat are glaring problems that hold back the game from producing fun gameplay experiences.

Each of the Spider-men is at first introduced to have different play styles and characteristics. During your playtime however you realize that both Spider-men play nearly identically regardless of the “differences” that the game boasts. For example the dodging sensing ability of the Amazing spider-man is essentially the same as Spider-man 2099’s speed ability. This large similarity between the two main characters in the game is a huge problem that makes an already repetitive game more repetitive.

As you progress through the game you can purchase and unlock various upgrades to each of the Spider-men. There are some upgrades which are shared between the two, while others that are unique only to one of them. The upgrade system adds a good layer of depth to the game which is quite needed to cover up the repetitive and blunt nature of the combat and stage design.

While Spider-man: Shattered Dimensions is definitely a step back in the franchise it’s not a drastic one per say. If you are a fan of Spiderman then the game can still be fun despite its many flaws. However if you are looking for a game with a lot more polish and then Spider-man: Shattered Dimensions should best be avoided.


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    The best Spider-Man game so far is Spider-Man 2 on the PS2. The only other Spider-Man game that comes close is Web of Shadows and that too only because of the awesome in-air combos! Shattered Dimensions is a pale shadow of what the game should have been. They should have kept the in-air combat system & the almost fluid movement of S-M 2…

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