Supremacy MMA Review

By on December 9, 2011

Not even close to being a supremacy.

Good: If you enjoy bloody graphics and violence for the sake of violence then you will enjoy the visuals.
Bad: Boring story mode, ludicrous voice over work and horrible game play begs the question as to whether Supremacy MMA should be sued for false advertising as there is nothing supreme about it.
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First Impressions
My reaction is

Despite being a fan of mixed martial arts – watching grown men beat the living hell out of each other once a month is an acquired taste – I was always wary of the appearance of games such as UFC Undisputed and EA Sport MMA as there was a particular fear that game developers would mess up everything by making MMA games overtly arcade-like, instead of making the games so that they allowed for the technicality and consistency, that make MMA such an engrossing sport, shine throughout the game.

Of course my worries were all unfounded as both UFC Undisputed and EA Sport MMA have gained a formidable following due to their ability to convey the technicality and skill that MMA athletes must have to be the top of their sport. It also allowed for easy to use controls that required some skill from the gamers themselves which is something which is generally lacking in the button mashing of most fighting games. Unfortunately, Supremacy MMA fits in the latter category.

In some ways it’s a bit difficult to start telling you where this game has gone wrong. Could it be the failed attempt at providing an arcade style game but with MMA fighters? Or is it possibly the lack of flow during game play? Maybe it was the horrendous voice acting?

Well, it’s all these things and a lot more.

A lot of the time Supremacy MMA feels much more like an arcade game, so the developer obviously got something right. The only problem is that an arcade game becomes a bit pointless when game play seems to stutter about too much. You could have a great start – throwing combinations that your opponent can’t even think of defending – but then all of a sudden you see a flash in the corner of your eye saying ‘Press B’, which apparently allows you to counter a counter attack. I say ‘apparently because I have no clue whether or not this actually works. Each time I tried it the AI continued on as subsequently started pummeling me into the ground. He even jumped on my head at one point to convey that I was now his bitch.

Of course, when you’re not being squished head first in to the ground, you are pressing all sorts of button combinations in an attempt to perhaps quell the imminent ferocity that is building up inside your opponent’s bricks of despair, or better know to him as ‘fists’. In all fairness when you do get hit, or kicked, by your opponent there is a certain amount of respect that has to be given to the developers as they really make it look as though you are going through a war instead of a MMA fight. By the end of a round you will be limping on incredibly bruised legs or nursing broken ribs, which once again show the developers wanted a more arcade-y game that is overly violent.

Really the lagging game play is only the tip of the iceberg. The story mode section of the game sees the player chose a fighter out of a small selection, get thrown in a cage – after a short and badly voiced monologue that is obviously attempting to make you feel some sort of connection with your chosen fighter – , and then basically fight everybody you are told to. Winning gets you clothes and points, although the latter’s usefulness isn’t quite apparent, as although you level in the certain fighting style your fighter trains in, it seems to have little to no effect on game play.

With the story mode being quite short, and with little reason to carry on playing through it once you’ve completed it, the only other feature Supremacy MMA offers –apart from the unbelievably depressing online multiplayer – is the ‘femme fatales’ section, better known to normal people as ‘female fighters’. Either way, while the femme fatale mode of Supremacy allows for people to learn a bit more about a couple of top female fighters in the MMA world, as well as get any weird role playing fetishes out of their systems in the safety of their own homes, it has little more to offer in terms of game play.

While the game has decent graphics and has managed to satisfy its basic aim of creating a game for people who wanted a mix of the EA Sport MMA and more arcade style violence, but there are way too many downsides to this game than there are good. That second of lagging reaction time between pressing a button and seeing the results is way too long in a game that should be fast paced and intense. Instead it feels sluggish, unoriginal, and extremely flawed.

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