Best Video Game Cinematic Trailers of 2011

By on December 6, 2011

There is a lot of slow motion…

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It is interesting to see how popular cinematic game trailers have become. With every game released, we get two trailers; a cinematic one, and a gameplay one. While gameplay trailers are the only ones that are really “necessary”, I find myself much more drawn to the cinematic ones. We rarely, if ever, get faithful film adaptations of our favorite video games, and cinematic trailers fill that gap. They are mini films that are very faithful to the video games but are still presented in the style of a film.

We will be doing a Game of the Year article by the end of this year. So, as an appetizer to that article, we are listing the top trailers for the games in 2011. These trailers aren’t necessarily for the games, rather, these trailers will be judged on their own merit, and on how they represent their respective franchises.

Dragon Age 2

Seeing this trailer, one has to admire the amount of work put in those clips. The animation is superb, the fighting is intense, and the editing is polished, and all this for a two minute clip. We also get to witness the new depiction of the “Qunari”, and see just how badass they can be.

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  • Aziz Pesh

    list needs more tomb raider, arkham city,DC Universe,Diablo 3, Mass Effect 3 and Overstrike, and these are just on the top of my mind

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