Ready to make up your mind for the 2010 season?

By on September 11, 2009

Only we understand the trouble we have to go through EVERY SINGLE YEAR.

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Ready to make up your mind for 2010?

Every year it’s the same old story. What sports game to pick up? What system? Is the 2010 version really worth it since I already have the 2009 version? Just some of the questions a typical sports gamer will have every year include:

  • To Madden or not to Madden..
  • Golf? Oh no why Golf?
  • PES or FIFA? Hmm I have to take a side!
  • 2K or Live? Will Live ever be good again?!
  • Hockey for a change?

Simply too many questions to answer in such a short time considering, a few of us, have a life to deal with as well. A situation like this is why we should thank EA Sports day and night. With them buying the exclusive rights to the NFL, Madden is the only choice we have when buying an NFL game. No seriously! At first I had nothing but hate towards EA for doing that but there is just too many sports games out there to choose from. It seems like we still have some people complaining however!

One of the easier choices I, and many people I know, made last year is picking FIFA over PES. Despite the hate I had to deal with all around I still believe that FIFA 09 was 10 times better than any PES ever released.  At the end of the day, how could you enjoy a game that does not even have a functioning online mode!!! With all the new features EA added this year to FIFA 10, FIFA 10>PES this year for sure. Unless of course PES comes up with a completely new gameplay system, graphics, sound effects and online mode..

NBA Live is a completely different story. To cut things short, EA promises new “innovative” features every year only for the series to reach new low levels year after year. Looking at my 360 profile here, you can tell that I played every LIVE game released in the last few years with all of them competing to suck harder than the other. So NBA 2K10 is an easy choice here as well. Unless EA actually surprises me and releases new “innovative” features that anyone actually cares about.

The rest of my choices go like this: Maybe a hockey games, Football Manager 10 for sure, more Football Manager Live and Tiger Woods 10 on my Wii when I have people over.

Made things easier for everyone hopefully?


I love my Sports games. Throw me on an Island with the newest FIFA, Football Manager and NBA 2K and i will live forever. Follow me on Twitter (@RabieA11) for updates or on the PSN and XBL (Rabie1).

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