Here’s what a next-generation The Elder Scrolls could look like

By on December 3, 2011

Too photorealistic for an epic fantasy?

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One can’t deny that Bethesda Softworks has done a pretty awesome job with the new Creation Engine in Skyrim. It obviously is a pretty looking game for a massive RPG – and certainly draws a leap in the right direction whenever it is to be compared with Oblivion. However, I, and perhaps you, have always asked ourselves what’s the possible offering from a next-gen installment in the acclaimed Bethesda saga.

Testing out a community-made map in the CryEngine 2 sandbox, alongside some time settings adjustments plus the accumulation of the EQM mod, while adding the final touch – a soundtrack that seems to be stuck in my head for oblivion, from Oblivion. Here’s the outcome.


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  • Adfsdfagfg

    they coulda did this in skyrim but they were lazy

    • Maxskate9

      Lazy? XD dont make me laugh. So you’re telling me that making a game like skyrim requires no time and work? I bet you cant even THINK about finding a game that requires more of those.

      These guys are everything but lazy believe me…

    • Jim Beaf

      I don’t think lazy is the right word, but I agree this video is not mind blowing and seems like something that would be possible this generation.  Maybe even in Skyrim, if they could figure out better ways to use the technology.

  • Heath-m

    You call a developer that has thousands upon thousands of people engrossed in well over a hundred hours of gameplay lazy? Are u serious?

  • Really?

    The engine already has the tech for the tree and grass textures to be higher, as well as motion blur to be that realistic. The camera might be a bit overkill though. I mean, think about it… in real life, do you bob your head up and down, left and right as you step?

  • Cuts2thebone

    wheres the link for it at youtube…would like to save it as a favorite..looks awesome and sounds awsome

    • Anonymous

      Click Play. See the YoutubeHD logo at bottom right corner?

      • Cuts2thebone

        thanx mate.

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  • Lazy Ass Gamer

    Elder scrolls cannot be played like that, the main focus of elder scrolls is immersion and amazing game-play and story-line plus, nice landscapes to explore.

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