The Winners of GamesFest 1.3

By on November 28, 2011

They came. They fought. They conquered.

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GamesFest is not only just about the games, or the exclusives, or the freebies, it’s also about the tournaments. We attracted close to a hundred gamers in our tournaments which spanned across titles such as FIFA 12, Battlefield 3, Starcraft II, WWE 12 and Gears of War 3. If you weren’t present, or weren’t able to catch in on the action, allow us to put a face to the names of those who fought and conquered, and what they took as loot.

Battlefield 3
Persistence was the name of the game, and the participants showed remarkable levels of just jutting it on the battlefield (pun intended). We hosted no less than 12 teams of four players each, who showed amazing skills of headshooting and grenade launching to score the highest combined score in our Battlefield 3 co-op tournament. In the end, it was down to two teams – Swifto and Lolwat – who took the final frontier on the hardest difficultly. While it looked that Lolwat would ‘lol’ they their way to victory, the tag team of Ali and Abed from Swifto ensured they got every shot right, every nade launched and every objective achieved pat, resulting in a victory for their team with a pretty sizeable margin. Congrats to Laith, Sammy, Ali and Abed from team Swifto who took away XFX HD6850s and HD6770s as the winning prize. Team Lolwat, consisting of Juma, Hamaed, Mohd. Yusuf and Ahmed, took away Medal of Honor edition mouse and pads from Steelseries.

Team Swifto - Laith, Sammy, Ali and Abed.

Team Lolwat - uma, Hamaed, Mohd. Yusuf and Ahmed.

StarCraft II
It’s something to see fingers move faster than your eyes can follow, and a StarCraft II tournament is always the scene if you fancy screwing with your eyes. Our StarCraft II tournament at GamesFest 1.3 was no different, where some of the finest StarCraft players in the UAE donned the headsets, pulled out the keys from keyboard and set to build the strongest and the most merciless army they could produce. While there had to be one winner in the end, the top three are definitely champions (quite literally actually), and are figures for budding StarCraft players to follow. Congrats to QDOM.SunCow (1st place) who won a Sony Vaio laptop, PaPoolee (2nd place) who took away a XFX PRO650W PSU and a XFX Radeon HD6670 graphics card; and QDOM.XothermeK (3rd place) who won a kick-ass World of Warcraft keyboard from Steelseries.

SCII 1st Place: QDOM.SunCow

SCII 2nd Place: PaPoolee

SCII 3rd Place: QDOM.XothermeK

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