2K Marin are working on Bioshock: Infinite as well

By on November 27, 2011

Gets its old moniker back, too.

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2K Games’ Canberra studio, 2K Marin, will be lending hands in the development of Irrational Games’ awaited Bioshock: Infinite.

The report is from MCV Pacific, who was tipped off by a 2K Marin staff member. The employee also said the studio were also given it’s old moniker back, and are now called 2K Australia.

The studio has had a roller-coaster of a time with name changes – it was first born as 2K Australia who collaborated with 2K Boston and Irrational Games on Bioshock. 2K Games then spun up another studio called 2K Marin, and teamed it up with 2K Australia to produce Bioshock 2. After the game’s release, 2K Australia was folded under 2K Marin, hence getting a new name, and a new project, the X-COM reboot. The studio is now given its 2K Australia title back. Hopefully this is the last of their renames. It’s really confusing…

Bioshock: Infinite is due sometime next year (hopefully in the lull of Summer).

"One more rename and I am going to drill through you, executive!"


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