Civilization IV

By on November 1, 2005

History, as you know it, is history!!


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First Impressions
My reaction is

Strategy games !? Ah, what a crappy waste of time !! Where’s the fun in just maneuvering a bunch of pint – sized people around an insanely huge map, collecting food & gold, and killing people without spilling any blood & guts ?? Seriously dude, get a life …” This used to be my typical reaction towards ALL strategy games: new or old, good looking or ugly, interesting or repulsive, whatever….you name it, I would stay far away from it. Until now, that is.

If you’ve taken the hint, you’ll have probably understood by now that Civilization IV is ‘The One’ game that has made me change my outlook & approach towards games in this particular genre. I mean, if it’s good enough to make me want to play it, then you can imagine how good it really is.

As compared to the previous Civilization titles, this one shines the most. While retaining every successful aspect from previous Civ games, it improves upon itself in almost every way. All you non–strategists out there getting curious? Well then, read on and you’ll see what I’m talking about…

First things first, if you’re a fan & follower of the previous versions of Civilization, or a rabid RTS gamer, shame on you!! You’re depending on some two-bit anti – RTS gamer’s review to help you decide whether to get this game or not ?? Stop reading this right now, get the game, and go happily waste a few years of your life. You don’t need to be reading the rest of this.

Ok, all the anti – RTS crowd, read on. There’s no real storyline here, so I’ll start off with describing the basic layout & game structure. For people new to this game/genre, Civilization IV is a turn – based strategy game. The game presents you with a choice of 18 civilizations and 26

leaders, ranging from Roosevelt to Genghis Khan ( yes, there’s Asoka & Gandhi too for all you Indian patriots out there ! ). You pick a civilization and leader, and then take on the mountainous but incredibly addictive task of building your own cities & villages, training different types of units to work, fight & explore, researching new technologies, founding new religions, managing your trade & commerce, building structures ( including the Wonders of the World ), and even taking over other civilizations, all in an attempt to beat the other computer controlled civs. In short, you have to build a civilization that will stand the test of time.

Civilization IV plays just like a board game in that it is turn–based. Each of your units has a number of movement points. Once utilized, your turn ends, and the opposing civilization makes their move. And then it’s back to you again. You get the drift, right?

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The Scorecard
Truckloads of stuff to be done; lots to build & explore, and a complex & deep yet user-friendly system.
Surpasses most RTS titles with good textures and neat looking graphics. Animations are superb.
Great original music score and good sound effects to match. Excellent voice-overs by Leonard Nimoy.
Unmatched variety & insanely addictive gameplay in the singleplayer game is taken one step further by multiplayer gaming.
Great gameplay coupled with good graphics & sound make this a very good all-rounder.
This game is as close as you will get to controlling the world!


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