Tt eSports Black Element Laser Gaming Mouse Review

By on November 24, 2011

Thermaltake’s flagship mouse goes out guns blazing.

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First Impressions
My reaction is

As soon as I hooked up the mouse to my PC the first thing I noticed was how nice the left-click felt. The click is loud and tinny, yet slightly muffled at the same time. The best part, though, is how good the click feels when I depressed the button. It just feels comfortable; not to be mistaken for dullness. I suppose part of this can be attributed to the rubber coating on the entire surface of the Black Element. This is something I would normally dislike because of how easily dust catches on such surfaces in Dubai, but this mouse remained dust-free for the entire two weeks I tested it!

The second thing I noticed was how irritating the three buttons on the left side felt. Basically the two buttons on the outer edge are protruding, while the one in the middle is below them. The issue was that my thumb could only reach the ‘third’ and the ‘second’ button, the first button was too far away. It’s just a pet peeve, so I just didn’t use it at all. During some heated gaming sessions I often found myself wishing the Black Element had sliding side buttons like the Razer Imperator 4G.

The fun part, as with all modern gaming mice, begins once you install the software which allows customization.  The GUI is very easy to use, with a number of functions you can assign to each of the 9 buttons on the Black Element. Macro recording is extremely easy as well, as is setting the DPI which goes all the way up to an extremely impressive 6500dpi. You have a choice of 5 pre-defined colors, something I wish had more variety, but if lack of multi-color LEDs means great performance, then so be it.

In all the time playing StarCraft 2, Modern Warfare 3, Battlefield 3 and Team Fortress 2 I found the Black Element to perform just as good as some of the best mice I have used to date. That the Black Element provides pixel perfect performance cannot be argued, but add to that a smooth feel and distinctive looks with easy to use software and you have one hell of a pro gaming mouse that I can easily recommend to any serious gamer.

Good: Stylish design; Nice rubber coating; Clicking feels great; Easy customization through software
Bad: Isn’t ambidextrous despite designing it as such; Third button on left side is too far away from thumb

Rating: 4/5

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