Vita and PS3 cross-platform Motorstorm RC announced

By on November 24, 2011

Single purchase allows playing on both platforms.

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Evolution Studios has lifted the wraps on a new installment in the off-road buggy racing series, Motorstorm – this time around with the franchise branching to Sony’s upcoming handheld the PlayStation Vita, under the name Motorstorm RC.

In the new entry, as the name implies, looks Motorstorm studio is not following previous iteration’s suite with the inclusion of series’ chaotic and explosive off-road racing trademark; but instead, apparently they’ve shrunk it a tad bit down, and thus no large vehicles are existent, but RC ones.

Motorstorm RC will be available for purchase from the PlayStation Network as a downloadable cross-platform title between PS3 and PS Vita. Sony says that one purchase of the game grants access to both versions of Motorstorm RC – meaning you can either play it on the go wherever you are, or just relax and have your arcade racing deeds on the big screen.

Planned for a simultaneous release across both platforms in spring 2012, check out the launch trailer below.


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