Roccat Arvo Review

By on November 20, 2011

The economical keyboard.

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 With the Isku, Roccat has given us a a keyboard that can do all but author books. An imposing gaming monster where no feature was spared, all designed to provide the most complete gaming experience. Now with the Arvo, Roccat has taken a different turn. It is still intends on providing a gaming keyboard, a but a more compact one, which doesn’t provide the all encompassing functions of the Isku, but aims at satisfying different needs and functions


The Arvo is a compact little keyboard that is meant to save as much space as it can on your desk, and you will notice right away how small it is and how little space it occupies on your desk. Like all Roccat products, the keyboard has a great design, and while other gaming keyboards go for an imposing design, this keyboard sports a slick and slender look, and does not feel lacking in any way despite its small size and build.

The first thing that will draw your attention is that there that arrow keys and the Numpad have been combined together, where each key has two functionalities, first for the numbers, and the second for the arrow keys and the Delete/Home/ Page Up/Page Down…etc keys. The functionalities can switched with the the press of the top right Mode key, with the change being indicated by the back light on the arrow keys going on and off.

So, despite the measures taken to reduce the keyboard size, all basic keys are present, along with three extra thumbster keys below the spacebar. Also, the keyboad has no wrist wrest, which some might find irritating, but then again, this is a compact keyboard after all, and the wrist rest isn’t exactly a necessity.

The keyboard also has rubber pads at the bottom of each edge to hold the keyboard in place (we all know how annoying it can be to have a the keyboard sliding on the desktop in heated gaming moments), as well as two retractable stands in the upper corners to lift the keyboard and give you the ideal angle for gaming.

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