Uncharted 3 Review

By on November 14, 2011

Nathan’s latest outing in the Arabian Deserts is as epic as promised.

Good: Satisfying story; Sound and voicework is top-notch; Technical brilliance; Multi-player is addictive and free!; Puzzles are well laid out; Naughty Dog isn’t done with the franchise yet.
Bad: Villian doesn’t quite pack the punch.
Price: AED
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Playing Uncharted feels like ‘watching’ a summer movie spectacle! No game compares to the opening scene of Uncharted 2 and you won’t play any thing like the Plane cargo and Shipping vessel levels this year. Its shock and awe! The game plays out smooth with no drop in frame rate. It handles shadows and light with flare. Yemen and Syria are displayed with artistic excellence and one might just stand and tilt the camera around to view the highlights. Sound is another excellent achievement for Naughty Dog. The theme has an adventurous touch to it, and you can feel a little bit of power when its hummed in the background. The voicework is on par with none, and industry best I would conclude. If you get time, do watch the making-of videos in the extras section, to appreciate all the hard work the developer has put in to make the best game they could.

If you are lucky to own a 3D Television, definitely go through the entire game once; with breaks in between, off-course. You may need to adjust the brightness and contrast, but then again it depends on how you TV handles the colors.

The BIG improvement from Among Thieves, is the multiplayer component of Uncharted 3. Co-op is a new feature and it is handles pretty good. Co-op adventure is where you will be spending most of your time. It replays a section of the story mission, but changes it around a bit to fit co-op game play. They last around 15 to 20 minutes and is an easy way to level up your character. There are loads of people playing co-op, so finding a game take about a few minutes maximum. I’ve played with people with rank 65 and above, so it is safe to assume the multiplayer is very addictive.

As you level up, you earn cash and unlock weapons, mods, taunts, characters and even a few items to accessorize your character. On top of that, collecting treasures during multiplayer unlock a few items, but nothing that dramatically changes your gameplay. You can customize your character with 2 weapons, its mods, 2 boosters and a medal kickback.

Boosters are perks that give your character an advantage over competitors. Some examples include climbing faster, extra grenade and even tag enemies to track them on the map. Medal kickbacks are temporary benefits earned by earning medals spread out through the map or by  achieving kills and streaks. One example is the spawning an RPG after earning 7 medals.

Just like with the single player game, the multi-player maps offer verticality. Even thought the maps small, it offers different paths that create tension and make for a fun-filled competition. The multiplayer component has been active since October, so I would suggest leveling up your character first with Co-op before you play competitive multiplayer.

The game has been out for 2 weeks. For most you are done and dusted with the single player and are racking up kills in multiplayer. For the rest, why are you still deciding? This is one game you SHOULD play. It’s the reason you have a Playstation 3. This is the second best exclusive I have played this year, Resistance 3 being the other one. It’s a satisfying purchase, even if you are in it only for the Single-player. Hats off to Naughty Dog!

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