Uncharted 3 Review

By on November 14, 2011

Nathan’s latest outing in the Arabian Deserts is as epic as promised.

Good: Satisfying story; Sound and voicework is top-notch; Technical brilliance; Multi-player is addictive and free!; Puzzles are well laid out; Naughty Dog isn’t done with the franchise yet.
Bad: Villian doesn’t quite pack the punch.
Price: AED
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It’s that time of the year where every week is another reason to spend some hard earned money on some AAA title! After the release of Uncharted 2 nearly two years ago, the second sequel has been a long awaited title. After all you have heard, seen, and/or read, there is no experience like to play the game in its full glory. For fans, who I think are majority of Playstation 3 owners, this is a day one buy. For others who need a little bit more convincing, read on.

The Uncharted series has always rested on the laurels of its storytelling, combined with a balanced gameplay of a third-person shooter and platformer supported by a cast of believable characters, lead by the witty Nathan Drake. Much of the story for Drake’s Deception has been kept under wraps, and I’ll do the same not to spoil too much. Its clocks to around 10 hours for the single-player, which is longer than the first game and a little shorter than the second. But, after it is done, you understand why, and I have to give credit to the writers for not stretching out the story too much. One thing you do realize is that Nathan has more lives than a cat! He is pitted in impossible situations, which make for epic set-pieces, and he comes out the other side with a devilish grin, ready for another day of unforeseen adventures.

The outline of the plot this time around is that Nathan is tracing back Drake’s journey to find the ‘Atlantis of the Sands’ and find out what secret it holds. Off-course it wouldn’t be much of an adventure without someone else wanting the treasure to fulfill a diabolical plan. Enter Katherine Marlow. She has history with Nate and Sully (something I wouldn’t spoil), but it gives good direction to the story. Holding it all together is the bromance between Nate and Sully, something fans have been looking forward to after it was lacking in Among Thieves. It narrates as to how they started working together, and has a few surprises in store.

The pull of the game is how all the elements work together. Not much of the formula has changed from Drake’s fortune, and only adds in a few melee attacks. Funny thing is, it still works perfectly. Its basic run and gun, with walls, crates, pillars and other staples of the environment to help with cover. There are a few areas where Nate can use stealth, but I opted for the offensive route just because its loads of fun. You appreciate the platforming sections when the camera pulls out completely to give a canvas of the whole scenario, and the players goes , “HOLY MOLY!!” The climbing controls still feel a little flimsy, but not enough to be an annoyance.

Breaking up the action are the cleverly laid out puzzles. There are quite a few, so get ready to tinkle that brain for answers. What’s different this time around is that after a few unsuccessful tries the game gives the option to solve the puzzle itself. While this is the easy way out, where is the fun in it? Some of the puzzles are pretty unique and you may even have a laugh or two as to how it is possible.

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