Sacrface: The World Is Yours

By on November 2, 2006

Every day above ground is a good day.


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First Impressions
My reaction is

Games based on movies have not been making a mark in history, save for Godfather, which was a decent attempt. But that’s all about to change. Sierra and Radical Entertainment has made a new level of expectation for licensed endeavors with Scarface, which has got to be the best licensed game yet.

Sierra has used the same style of gameplay which is present in GTA. But what it does is improve on things that were flawed in GTA like a decent story line which had a purpose or even the targeting system. The fun aspects are present and what you get is a game that you can feel comfortable playing while still having a sense of originality.

Instead of just playing through the movie, *cough* Godfather *cough*, you continue directly where the movie gets over. But in this case, Tony Montana survives instead of being in a body bag, but he has lost everything. Then you see the intro which lists at least 50+ stars that have lend their voices for this game. The list will leave you thinking as to the amount of work that has been put in this game.

The game boasts a feature called the Balls Meter which you fill up by doing things like driving in the wrong lane or by cussing at strangers. But the easiest way to fill it is during combat, where you have to shoot specific parts of the body like the head, kidney, etc or by taunting your fallen opponents. Once filled and activated, you enter god mode with infinite bullets. Oh and you change to first person view too. Shoot anything that moves in sight and your health gets refilled for every kill. This makes gun battles frequent and interesting. The only problem with this otherwise perfect feature is that, the game can either be easy or downright difficult depending on the amount of Balls that you have before a mission. Fail in a mission and your down to zero balls and this makes it difficult to fill the meter up and get through the seemingly countless baddies.

Radical Entertainment has also improved the targeting system that was flawed in almost all

GTA games and their clones. You have a free aim system and if that’s not too easy for you then you could press a button and you can have a lock-on. Just shoot anywhere in the vicinity of the lock and you can bring ‘em down. But shooting freely or targeting specific areas fills your balls quickly. The game has you taking over Miami territory by territory. You buy properties and turn them into fronts to sell your drugs. Buy enough properties and you take over that territory, provided that you take care of rival gangs in the process. There is also a decent heat system, both for gangs and police. Higher the heat, higher the chances of getting killed or captured. But instead of hiding in a dark corner, you can pay them off through your trusty phone. And while we are on the topic, it is through your phone that you access your missions, call your driver to bring your car/boat (excellent feature that saves you trouble stealing a fast car) and even shows you the map. Didn’t know that such phones existed in the 80’s, but who cares.

The best part about the game is its length. The story mode alone will take you 20+ hours to beat and that too if you don’t keep dying too often. Add the side missions like selling drugs yourself, executing gang leaders, racing, etc and you have a 60+ hour game in your hands.

Let’s get technical. The graphics are not something that will blow you away, but what can you expect from a game with such magnitude in features. But the audio department is just breathtaking. Though Al Pacino couldn’t lend his voice for the large amount of dialogue of Tony Montana, the voice work on Tony was just excellent. The accent, the way curses were said so freely and easily, all make the character feel real. The game also has a huge list of soundtracks with various artists contributing their work for the game. The various other sound effects are good too.

In conclusion, I just have to say that Scarface is just pure fun. Though it may be similar to GTA, there are various original features that make it different. If you are a fan of action, lengthy gameplay, frequent use of bad words, or just a fan of the movie, then get this game. Even if you’re not anything of the above, get this game. Its good and very well could be a decent contender for the game of the year.

The Scorecard
Excellent targeting system, perfect Ball meter system.
Nothing to get you all excited about.
Excellent voice work and an excellent soundtrack to boot.
Tons and tons of stuff to do, expect your grandkids to finish the game for you.
Best sandbox style/licensed/action/ game yet.


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