Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Review

By on November 11, 2011

The final war front.

Good: Great Campaign, New additions add flavor to the franchise, High Replay Value, oh and the Multiplayer is EPIC!
Bad: Multiplayer Interface feels choppy and weak, No Call of Duty ELITE for PC (yet).
Price: AED 269
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First Impressions
My reaction is

It was only a matter of seconds after the game was finished that I jumped into the Multiplayer. The interface and the format felt…cheap and weak. It was like a bad copy paste of the user interface we had in MW2 (which was solid and easy to manoeuvre through). Inexperienced players may not even notice it or care that much to comment on it. That was not true in my case.

I then added some friends and the inviting interface was annoying where you had to right click to invite everyone off the Steam overlay to join your game, and that was the quickest way to do it. Everyone in party is ready….click Find Game…searching for games?! Where are the dedicated servers?

Oh about that. There are dedicated servers, they are just “Unranked”. Did I mention that the PC will not be getting Call of Duty ELITE on launch? Due to the instability of the PC platform they are afraid of hacks and non-genuine data that will hinder the competition system. I’m actually very upset about that, but I’m glad they didn’t release something broken as opposed to what Treyarch did with Black Ops.

I was happy actually since I highly support the lobby system. You can host anytime and enjoy the game with the lowest ping. We Middle Eastern folks are not so lucky with dedicated servers and history has that to prove (thank Treyarch for that).

We eventually got a decent ping game and did what we used to do in MW2. And if you think that this game will “feel” the same way like MW2, then you are in for a huge disappointment just like me. It just didn’t feel right at first. The character movements were slightly slower which bothered me a lot because it was just SO perfect in MW2. It is obviously not as bad as how the game felt in Black Ops were you sprint for miles at a time and it takes you 25 shots to down an enemy (yes, I can aim).

One Major setback I have faced and truly believe that it should be fixed is the sound of footsteps…it’s incredibly quiet. There is no point of even using dead silence (Ninja Pro). I usually know where everyone is from their footsteps and I thank my G35 for that. In this game people just walk up behind me and shoot me in the back with me being completely oblivious of what happens. There isn’t that feel of someone’s presence due to this problem. I always double check in the Killcam, No he did not have dead silence on and he walked up to me in a very quiet spot and shot me. In Mw2 I would have heard him coming. This is an important point that Infiniti Ward and Sledgehammer Games have to take a look at.

I then noticed that this game was not trying to be MW2, it was actually setting a pace for itself and when I look at it that way, it actually feels good. The pace was good, the game play was arcadey and it feels like a game from a Modern Warfare series. Some of the best aspects of CoD 4 were added to the game as well as those from MW2. Not to mention the changes that were made due to fan feedback. It really is, and I quote a friend of mine who’s also a huge Modern Warfare fan, “The Modern Warfare 2 we should have had two years ago”.

The new game modes, Kill Confirmed and Team Defender, are a ton of fun. Kill Confirm, is where you shoot people in the face and then pick up a dog tag that they drop for your kill to count towards the team score. Only by collecting a number of dog tags will your team win the game. In Team Defender, your objective is to pick up a flag and hold on to it as much as you can. The more you hold on to that flag and keep it from getting stolen from you the more points you get; the team with the highest score wins. This is a test of team work since you kill a flag carrier, take the flag for yourself and run towards your team to defend you. In case you die your teammate must pick it up to continue scoring points. 1 flag objective + 2 teams = Chaos!

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