Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 Review

By on November 11, 2011

The final war front.

Good: Great Campaign, New additions add flavor to the franchise, High Replay Value, oh and the Multiplayer is EPIC!
Bad: Multiplayer Interface feels choppy and weak, No Call of Duty ELITE for PC (yet).
Price: AED 269
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First Impressions
My reaction is


When this year first started, it showed a lot of promise as far as the entertainment industry goes and that doesn’t only fall under the video games that were announced. Even the movies that were coming out showed a lot of potential. I mean, come on, when movies like Pirates of the Caribbean, Thor, Fast Five, and Transformers are all coming out in the same 6 months you get pretty excited. Only to get disappointed that none of them were close to being up to par with their predecessors (in Thor’s case you may compare it to other Marvels like say…Iron man!)

2011 wasn’t even kind enough to give us some decent games to enjoy until the giants came to play with us come this winter…Of course there were some “good” games. But that was pretty much it.

I do know one thing that kept us gamers busy this summer though. The Battlefield 3 vs. Modern Warfare 3 debate that has been taking place ever since both game trailers were released. The fire was first fed by EA’s arrogant approach towards “destroying” the Call of Duty franchise while Infinity Ward took the  “we really don’t care so much about this trash talk and would rather have the games speak for themselves” approach.

My take on this whole issue is…why would an apple want to destroy an orange?

I’ll elaborate on that shortly but first let’s have a look at what Modern Warfare 3 has to say for itself. Coming for a very strong background of Call of Duty experience (Golden AK in MW1 and 1300 hours of MW2 multiplayer) I seem to be pretty much a CoD fanboy without the “boy” part. You cannot help but compare the games together. And this was the smartest thing to do. I did not compare MW3 to other games like Battlefield 3 since they are both amazing in their own playing style and scale. Activision’s main competitor was not EA, it was themselves! Modern Warfare 2 was the game to beat, not Battlefield, and that was the right approach in my opinion.

Let’s start with the Campaign shall we?

Too Linear. Must Wait For AI Teammate To Open Door. Enemy AI Stupid As Ever.  No Co-Op Mode in Campaign.

If you overlook the fact that this game is designed to be linear, then you would spend more time enjoying the cinematic aspect of it. The story may not be too deep, but it’s just about enough to make you PULL THAT THROWING KNIFE OUT OF YOUR CHEST AND THROW IT INTO HIS EYE!

Modern Warfare 3 had a lot of hype to stand up to, especially after the way the story took place in MW2, and I can easily say that I was highly impressed with what I got in Modern Warfare 3. The game took about 6 to 7 hours on Regular difficulty, and I did not want to bother playing on Veteran since there’s the multiplayer to go to, and there wasn’t much time to waste.

The graphics are nothing close to the monster EA has created, but it was far from bad. I actually believe they were beautiful and amazing. People may argue that the game looks like MW2. I actually thought so too…until I played it. The campaign has that same gameplay “feel” that MW2 had, but the graphics were different. They were smoother, more detailed, better. You are going to have to try it to believe it. The story was pretty intense and action packed, and begins with the whole world falling into war with Russia based on the schemes that ultra-nationalist Vladimir Makarov has been setting up. Cliché? Maybe, but that is not the question to ask someone that plays the game. Instead, you should ask them whether they enjoy every second of the game. Hell yes! That is what Infinity Ward offers you, an incredible gaming experience.

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